Thursday, December 23, 2010

Today I will go further, I will not quit...

In Marine Corps Boot camp I wasn't that great at running. My drill instructor said that my problem was that I was afraid to pass out. Actually I was afraid of dying! He asked me had I ever passed out before, “Sir, no sir!” I replied and then he said “So you don’t even know what it’s like! You’ve seen others pass out on runs and they are just fine. And, they now know one of their limits. If you don’t have the heart to find out what your limits are then you need to drop out right now!”

The next few words stuck the most,

“Don’t quit on your body, let your body quit on you!”

He said that I needed to learn my current limits so that I will know what I am truly capable of. I graduated Honor Man, 1st in my platoon.

I have carried that over to the fulfillment of dreams. At what point do you give up on your dream? Is it determined out of fear? Are you afraid you may pass out financially, pass out socially? What is your determining thought on whether you should give up or keep moving? How is it decided? In the above example my limit was my fear of passing out or worse, dying from running to hard. That fear kept me mediocre! It wasn’t until I changed my focus to, I WANTED TO KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE TO PASS OUT FROM RUNNING that I became better. I wanted to know what it was like to run until my legs COULDN’T move any more. I wanted to do push-ups till my arms couldn’t move and or I passed out. I wanted to swim, shoot, repel, and fight till my body dropped. I wanted to experience pain so that I would not fear it anymore and learn the depths of my capabilities.

Is not your dream worth the above effort? If it is your dream, truly your heart’s desire, what depths of your own personal perception are you willing to explore for that dream? From that experience my perception of ME changed. From every challenge that I have faced with the above resolve I have been successful and I have evolved.

For those of you seeking to fulfill a heart’s desire, a dream or any significant objective I suggest you suspend your current view of who you are, because that person may not be sufficient for the challenge. Open your mind to the concept of “Today I go further, I will explore a new depth of my being. Today I go further, I will not quit short of an act of God!”

To Your Evolution and Success

Anthony Stewart
Your Number One Fan