Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I really do Hate!

I really do HATE! I hate how our conditioning has us tearing each other apart daily!

Just heard some children ask their mother if a certain man was going to be at their party. Turns out the man in question is her EX whom they have known for years like a father...

Her immediate response was, "What you want him around for? Aren't we doing good? Don't I take care of you? Don't you have food to eat? You all still think we need him around?" Now mind you, they just asked if he was going to be at the party.

I'm sensitive to the above line of thought because I never got to meet or even see a picture of my father because as a child my mother hated him so. Once I tried to get in contact, she found out and yelled, "Why are you trying to call him? Don't I take care of you? You don't need that nigga! I'm yo momma, you don't have no daddy."

So who is all the above really about ...what the child needs or what the angry mother wants or is responding to? I understand...he may have been a real bad dude to her, but unless he was abusing the children, then he was just that, a bad dude TO HER. But her hatred from her pain is now about to spill over into sooo many more areas.

I hate that brothers are as bad as they are, that sisters are as bad up as they are and that our children...our future gets caught up in the middle. I hate what this society and it's system of oppression against US, in particular, is doing. I hate further that more of us don't MAN UP and work to shut this crap down in our daily activities. WOMAN UP to shut down this mindset and habitual behavior of blaming brothers, brother blaming sisters and back and forth.

We need to keep in mind that when someone is acting a damn fool that they HAVE BEEN CONDITIONED BY THIS SOCIETY TO DO SO. Stop acting like they are the ones who created this shit. Is it a wonder why the Bible says turn the other cheek, and to forgive people 70 times 70 ...IT WAS REFERRING TO US WITH EACH OTHER not the REAL ENEMY that is clearly killing us as a people!

Brother I know that sister hurt you and Sister I know that brother hurt you and that it was prolly over some bull! But please do not think it originated from them and please do not let that event color your view of all of us. CALM DOWN...focus on what you want then make yourself ready for that...Don't be so impatient you make a bad choice then hate everyone for the bad choice you made. ALSO, DON'T HATE YOURSELF FOR THE BAD CHOICE! It happens, no one is perfect.

My apologies for the long post, I need to get better at expressing my thoughts, but I HATE OUR CURRENT CONDITION.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Today I will go further, I will not quit...

In Marine Corps Boot camp I wasn't that great at running. My drill instructor said that my problem was that I was afraid to pass out. Actually I was afraid of dying! He asked me had I ever passed out before, “Sir, no sir!” I replied and then he said “So you don’t even know what it’s like! You’ve seen others pass out on runs and they are just fine. And, they now know one of their limits. If you don’t have the heart to find out what your limits are then you need to drop out right now!”

The next few words stuck the most,

“Don’t quit on your body, let your body quit on you!”

He said that I needed to learn my current limits so that I will know what I am truly capable of. I graduated Honor Man, 1st in my platoon.

I have carried that over to the fulfillment of dreams. At what point do you give up on your dream? Is it determined out of fear? Are you afraid you may pass out financially, pass out socially? What is your determining thought on whether you should give up or keep moving? How is it decided? In the above example my limit was my fear of passing out or worse, dying from running to hard. That fear kept me mediocre! It wasn’t until I changed my focus to, I WANTED TO KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE TO PASS OUT FROM RUNNING that I became better. I wanted to know what it was like to run until my legs COULDN’T move any more. I wanted to do push-ups till my arms couldn’t move and or I passed out. I wanted to swim, shoot, repel, and fight till my body dropped. I wanted to experience pain so that I would not fear it anymore and learn the depths of my capabilities.

Is not your dream worth the above effort? If it is your dream, truly your heart’s desire, what depths of your own personal perception are you willing to explore for that dream? From that experience my perception of ME changed. From every challenge that I have faced with the above resolve I have been successful and I have evolved.

For those of you seeking to fulfill a heart’s desire, a dream or any significant objective I suggest you suspend your current view of who you are, because that person may not be sufficient for the challenge. Open your mind to the concept of “Today I go further, I will explore a new depth of my being. Today I go further, I will not quit short of an act of God!”

To Your Evolution and Success

Anthony Stewart
Your Number One Fan

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Plague of Disrespect

To disrespect someone literally means to violate them. It means to interfere with the normal, healthy and positive growth or actions of a person. While reflecting upon this topic a question came to mind: What would make a person want to violate or interfere with another’s development, either in the form of speech or action? What would move a person to harm another? I thought I would seek out two people I know that disrespect each other on a day to day basis, and ask them for their input. The two people are my children.

From time to time my daughter can be found watching The Discovery Channel. And from time to time my son can be found turning away from that channel while she’s watching it. I asked my son why he would turn the TV channel to a station other than the one his sister was watching first. He said simply “because I want to watch something else.” I said, “But you know your sister was watching the other channel first.” He began to explain that on another occasion, she had done the same to him and that he was doing it back to her. I asked my daughter if that was true and she went on to tell me that what he was watching at the time was just a cartoon, where she wanted to watch something educational, like the Discovery Channel. My son of course had a rebuttal, but what stood out is that each wanted something that they thought was more important. That what they wanted JUSTIFIED their interfering with what the other was doing. They placed a higher value on what they wanted.

I watch international news channels and see that same type of behavior displayed by adults who govern whole nations. Israeli lives are more valuable than Palestinian lives, therefore tear down their houses and take their land. White lives are more valuable than Black lives, therefore give them a subpar living experience through mis-education and gentrification. The list goes on. So is there any wonder that if the so-called leaders and the “civilized” of humanity would blatantly disrespect each other that individuals with less civilization would do the same?

In America our music is filled with disrespectful words laced over sweet melodic beats and proliferated to our youth for a profit. Our TV station are packed with filth and disrespectful storylines acted out by overpaid actors to the delight of eager souls searching to find answers to life’s problems. Disrespect in today’s world is the Order of the day.

So what is one to do in such an environment? First, each person that suffers the abuse of disrespect has to accept that what they are experiencing is not GOOD FOR THEM. They then have to make a commitment to address that disrespect at every opportunity. Not with negative retaliation but through deliberate, calmly thought out speech and action. The one disrespecting you may not even be aware that they are. If you respond out of a mindset of revenge then you may end up “disrespecting” them and in that process creating a never ending loop of disrespect that will proliferate to others.

I expect Children to disrespect each other, until being taught better. But as an adult there comes a time when we must all do away with childish things. I move that each adult take responsibility for how we respond to disrespect. Not by ignoring it but by engaging it to a positive end. If we do, we will proliferate respect exponentially and wipe the earth clean of this unnecessary plague.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Life and Passion of Michael Jackson

Whenever the terms life and passion are defined they are done so from the perspective of being enthusiastic about existing. Many talk about Michaels passion for music. A passion which enabled him to make chart breaking singles and albums effortlessly. But I feel that the music was just a vehicle for his true passion, bringing others to a state of joy and enthusiasm for life. Michael wanted us all to live mentally and spiritually in a Wonderland constantly in awe at the marvel of life. He wanted us to see the world through his eyes. A world without races, geographical boundaries, a world without war where people live according to their true nature and purpose.

Michael himself was one who strived to live according to his true human nature, but when you have people who are that close to being in alignment with their purpose, they at times, move in a realm beyond our ability to grasp; almost to the point of seeming awkward and weird.

We have a tendancy as fallable humans not in tune with our purpose to condemn that which we do not understand. And often Michael became the target of that condemnation. But through it all, he never stopped loving us. He never stopped bringing us happiness and joy through the music he created and he never stopped being enthused about the marvel of life.

I only hope that in his passing we will become more aware of the true magic of Michael. That we will use our intuitive Magnifying glass to zoom in on what made him so amazing and see a reflection of our spiritual selves in the mirror of the life of Michael Jackson.

What are THEY trippin’ off of?!

Ever had someone just come at you with a nasty attitude for no good reason at all? They get on your nerves so much that you start envisioning choking them or at least throwing something at them to knock some sense into their head.

The most effective way to deal with someone like that is to first TRY to understand that apparently something has happened in their life to make them go off the handle like that. More than likely something pretty dramatic occurred recently to put them in that mode. Should they take it out on you? No, of course not! But something dramatic has occurred (at least in their own mind) and they don’t even know why they are acting the way they are.

People in that state are looking for an answer to whatever the problem is. They are mentally trying to workout some level of understanding to the situation and anything you do to interrupt that process becomes extremely annoying. So they respond to you as though YOU ARE THE ONE TRYING TO KEEP THEM IN A STAT OF FRUSTRATION. You are acting, again in their mind, to prolong the drama they are dealing with.

With some people, you may remind them of the actual drama that they are dealing with through the clothes you are wearing, the music you’re listening to or some other activity that you are engaged in. You might be humming a song that reminds them of a person that just broke off a relationship with them. It could be your outwardly expression of happiness you are feeling in general. Whatever the case, at that moment, you in some way shape or form remind them of the cause of their stress.

So what do you do to deal with this slightly psychotic person, especially if they are in authority over you in some way?

Avoid them if at all possible. If not, whatever they ask you to do, do it as quickly and as efficiently as possible, as long as it doesn’t bring you harm.

Don’t try to be extra friendly nor question them as to why they are the way they are.

Do not to give them any reason or energy that might agitate or increase the frustration they are already feeling. They will only release that agitation on you even more. Give them nothing in the way emotion. Instead give them intellectual support only by responding to any questions they may have with straight answers.

Also, keep in mind you may have been that same type of person to someone else. This article could have just as well been called, “What are YOU trippin’ off of?” So try and feel for them while they’re in that situation and be patient. Like all storms, their emotional instability will pass as well.

Tony Stewart
"Stop Think and Be Without Doubt"

Saturday, June 6, 2009

When Self Help doesn't help...

Have you ever read a Self Help Book that didn't help? Have you ever read a Wealth or Get Rich book and you didn't make a dime from it? Is it that all these books are just bogus information written by persons only trying to help themselves get rich off of you? I've read so many that I decided to write one myself. But, I wanted to first know how it is that I or anyone could have read these wonderful books but not see the benefit we thought we would see. I wanted to write a book that would get at the root of the problem. So I read even more books, but this time my focus would be strictly on the mind.

From my studies it has become clear to me that NO SELF IMPROVEMENT SYSTEM WILL HAVE A LASTING EFFECT until you truly understand HOW the MIND WORKS and are able to put in play a process that will enable you to control your own thinking.

There is alot of negative information that gets embedded in your mind on a daily basis. This negative information originates from Television, Radio, conversations we have with others and our own experiences. This negative information gets saved to an internal Hard Drive (Sub-Conscious) that our Mind uses to deal with daily situations. When you have a problem, your Mind references all that you have internalized to put together a solution. If the majority of what you have internalized is bad then you will respond to the problem badly. For example: If you lost your job and are trying to decide what to do next, a thought may emerge to go apply for another. Simple! But then a counter thought emerges as well, "No one is hiring right now, you can't find a job." Where did that thought come from and why would it show up when you needed positive reinforcement?

That thought, more often than not, came from a news report on TV that stated statisics showing that companies are not hiring. It came from a close friend telling you about how many people were laid of at their job. It came from hearing over and over again that minorities get hired last. It came from seeing family members lose jobs, then homes and cars and it affecting you personally.

So you have two opposing thoughts being presented to you. Each has its own evidence that it's presenting to support its case. But one is calling on memories and emotional experiences while the other just may be using current information. Usually the emotionally recorded experience will trump the current worded information.

If we don't have an understanding of our own mental process, like the one described above, and a way to counter negativety that can arise from those processes, then no Self Help book or class will ever be sufficient. Sure you may have some lasting effects from a book, class or a lecture but true change will come only when you are able to knock down and/or counter thoughts that lead to behaviors which ultimately undermine your success.

Always be found in Joy in Yourself

Thursday, June 4, 2009

You may as well enjoy the ride!

I once saw a commercial while in Toulouse, France that showed a airplane about to crash. The passengers on board were screaming and yelling, oxygen masks were dropping down and people were tucking their heads between their legs preparing for the crash. As the camera is panning through the aircraft covering all of this, it gets to one passenger in the last row. The passenger, unlike anyone else on the plane, has their hands in the air screaming "hell yeah!" as though they were riding the greatest roller coaster ever. I don't remember what the commercial was about but I've never forgotten that scene.

While reflecting over what to include in this article, that commercial sums it up in a nustshell. There are things in life that no matter how positive you may view them, you will not be able to change the eventual outcome. If you ever find yourself in that situation do this: Enjoy the moment! No matter how crazy that may seem, enjoy each and every moment leading up to that event over which you have no control.

Some have said it like this, "Live every day as though it was your last." If tomorrow was really and truly your last day on earth what would you do? Would you sit around and cry or try to enjoy every last bit of this life that you could? We should view every negative situation like this WHILE MOVING TO CHANGE THE OUTCOME. For example, lets say that you are about to lose your home, have your car repossed or your electric and gas cut off. To even think straight about your next steps you MUST BE IN THE RIGHT FRAME OF MIND! You cannot allow yourself to panic.

So to keep panic from occuring in dramatic situations I want you to start right now, enjoying each moment of your life in the most suttle fashion.

I want you to be aware of the feel of the chair you're sitting in, the coolness of a glass of water as you pick it up. I want you to notice different scents or frangrances in the air, and or wear your favorite cologne or perfume daily. I want you to be aware and on the lookout for things in each moment that bring you pleasure. And, I want you to consciously think "what could I be doing at this moment to enjoy myself."

Why so much on enjoyment? Because it clears the mind so that you can focus. How does it clear the mind? By shutting it down. When you are in the thrill of enjoyment, in the NOW, there are no thoughts about the past or the future and what may occur in them. Trust me, your mind won't permanently shut down, but thorugh the feeling of enjoyment your mind will suspend its venture into a possible negative outcome. And, through this suspension of thought, give your mind time to reboot. Time to look at and assess the situation differently. Then maybe, just maybe, what appears to be the eventual outcome may not come out that way at all.

Always be found in Joy in Yourself

Tony Stewart
"Shift: Stop, Think and Be without doubt"