Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I really do Hate!

I really do HATE! I hate how our conditioning has us tearing each other apart daily!

Just heard some children ask their mother if a certain man was going to be at their party. Turns out the man in question is her EX whom they have known for years like a father...

Her immediate response was, "What you want him around for? Aren't we doing good? Don't I take care of you? Don't you have food to eat? You all still think we need him around?" Now mind you, they just asked if he was going to be at the party.

I'm sensitive to the above line of thought because I never got to meet or even see a picture of my father because as a child my mother hated him so. Once I tried to get in contact, she found out and yelled, "Why are you trying to call him? Don't I take care of you? You don't need that nigga! I'm yo momma, you don't have no daddy."

So who is all the above really about ...what the child needs or what the angry mother wants or is responding to? I understand...he may have been a real bad dude to her, but unless he was abusing the children, then he was just that, a bad dude TO HER. But her hatred from her pain is now about to spill over into sooo many more areas.

I hate that brothers are as bad as they are, that sisters are as bad up as they are and that our children...our future gets caught up in the middle. I hate what this society and it's system of oppression against US, in particular, is doing. I hate further that more of us don't MAN UP and work to shut this crap down in our daily activities. WOMAN UP to shut down this mindset and habitual behavior of blaming brothers, brother blaming sisters and back and forth.

We need to keep in mind that when someone is acting a damn fool that they HAVE BEEN CONDITIONED BY THIS SOCIETY TO DO SO. Stop acting like they are the ones who created this shit. Is it a wonder why the Bible says turn the other cheek, and to forgive people 70 times 70 ...IT WAS REFERRING TO US WITH EACH OTHER not the REAL ENEMY that is clearly killing us as a people!

Brother I know that sister hurt you and Sister I know that brother hurt you and that it was prolly over some bull! But please do not think it originated from them and please do not let that event color your view of all of us. CALM DOWN...focus on what you want then make yourself ready for that...Don't be so impatient you make a bad choice then hate everyone for the bad choice you made. ALSO, DON'T HATE YOURSELF FOR THE BAD CHOICE! It happens, no one is perfect.

My apologies for the long post, I need to get better at expressing my thoughts, but I HATE OUR CURRENT CONDITION.