Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Imagine the Best Case Outcome

Too many times I have either said or heard someone else say, "I knew that something bad was going to happen". How did they or I know that? Because we imagined the worst case outcome over and over and set the stage for it to act itself out. Someone on your job spreads a rumor that layoffs are coming that week and most everyone starts imagining it's them self that’s about to be laid off. Many of us try to think positive, but the images of unemployed life (losing your home, car or other possession and the embarrassment) acquired from stories of others and television overcome our Positive Thinking and we succumb to imagining the worst case outcome.

So what can we do? First start becoming aware of when you do the above? Consistently ask yourself, "How Do I feel right now"? Give yourself a quick checkup emotionally and physically. If you are nervous, stressed, or feeling physical pains, ask yourself what those negative feelings or pains could be attributed to. Think about what thoughts have been running through your mind lately. You just may be imagining worst case scenarios. If that’s the case, immediately STOP and start imagining the BEST possible scenarios and outcomes.

Imagine the best case outcome in detail. Envision a promotion or imagine a party with all your friends. Imagine in detail, people smiling and laughing and you having the best time of your life. Imagine you receving money unexpectedly and spending it on something that brings you joy. Take your mind there and your stress and pain will leave. The mind cannot entertain both happiness and anger at the same time, so fill it with what you desire to FEEL.

You have by nature, the ability to choose your thoughts at all times. Use this ability to help you take control of your life by thinking or imagining in detail the best case outcomes and experiences.

Tony Stewart
"Stop Think and Be without doubt"

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