Friday, May 29, 2009

Who are YOU?

Have you ever heard yourself say, or someone else say, "I hate when I do that!"? Who is the "I" that is doing the hating? Who is the "I" that is doing the thing which the first "I" hates? And, more importantly, which one are YOU at any given moment? Who are YOU?

Now according to the statement "I hate when I do that" you could be charged with having multiple personalities. In a sense we do. There is a part of us that is based completely on responding to whatever thoughts we have at that time. If you are experiencing and acting out thoughts that deal with business then you exude a business personality. When you are experiencing thoughts of playfulness, people call you "playful". You are what you think and that's fine as long as YOU control what YOU think!

There is a part of you that observes your thoughts and chooses which ones to carry out. YOU are that observer. YOU can control your thoughts by identifying with the observer. The quickest way to do that is by being CONSCIOUSLY on the lookout for thoughts.

Right now, take a moment and wait for your next thought.... Don't try to "make up" something to think about, I want you to sit and mentally wait for the next thought.........

If your mind went blank that's ok. Thats a good thing! Your mind can't engage just any old thought with you being AWARE. You literally have to be asleep to the activity of your mind. If you keep experiencing sadness its because you are thinking sad thoughts. If you want to stop that thought become AWARE of YOU as the observer. Then wait for the next thought. Once you create that blank space in your mind you can now create a thought of your own choosing. A thought that makes you feel good.

More on this is in "Shift: Stop, Think and Be without doubt"

Till next time, always be found In Joy in Yourself.

Tony Stewart
"Stop Think and Be without doubt"

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