Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Life and Passion of Michael Jackson

Whenever the terms life and passion are defined they are done so from the perspective of being enthusiastic about existing. Many talk about Michaels passion for music. A passion which enabled him to make chart breaking singles and albums effortlessly. But I feel that the music was just a vehicle for his true passion, bringing others to a state of joy and enthusiasm for life. Michael wanted us all to live mentally and spiritually in a Wonderland constantly in awe at the marvel of life. He wanted us to see the world through his eyes. A world without races, geographical boundaries, a world without war where people live according to their true nature and purpose.

Michael himself was one who strived to live according to his true human nature, but when you have people who are that close to being in alignment with their purpose, they at times, move in a realm beyond our ability to grasp; almost to the point of seeming awkward and weird.

We have a tendancy as fallable humans not in tune with our purpose to condemn that which we do not understand. And often Michael became the target of that condemnation. But through it all, he never stopped loving us. He never stopped bringing us happiness and joy through the music he created and he never stopped being enthused about the marvel of life.

I only hope that in his passing we will become more aware of the true magic of Michael. That we will use our intuitive Magnifying glass to zoom in on what made him so amazing and see a reflection of our spiritual selves in the mirror of the life of Michael Jackson.

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