Monday, June 1, 2009

Moving Through Fear

Fear: A False Expectation Appearing Real, an illusion or a trick of the Mind

Most people DON'T do what they love or strive for what they truly want in life. Why? Fear of failure or some other fear. So how do we remove that fear so we can move foward? Well you have a couple of options:

1.) Just do it! Just drop everything and move out. This is an option because as a friend of mine Leisha Reeves states, "There will never be a 'right time' to go for your dreams". So you may as well get started now. Also there is something almost magical that happens when you "Just Do it". Most of the time you'll find that the fear you had wasn't worth all the energy you gave it. You'll gain confidence in challenging other fears you have which makes you a more confident person overall. Lastly you won't have to drag around the guilt of never having made the attempt to reach your dreams. A guilt that you'll eventually blame others for.

2.) Change your view of FEAR. I consciously choose to view Fear as a signal that I'm on the right path. That nervousness I feel when approaching a challenge now brings a smile to my face because I know at this moment I am about to become a greater person and come even closer to achieving my dreams. My mind isn't even focused on the challenge as a whole. It's literally on " just put one foot in front of the other," putting one action in front of the other until I have crossed the threshold of the challenge. Think in terms of steps. Focus all the energy of your mind, body and soul into each step. Soon you'll find that you've walked right through that fear.

The above are two options that can be applied in ANY situation where fear is present. Work, relationships or starting a business all require you to have courage and be bold in your approach. You have to be motivated in being you! And, in being motivated you have to not just say it but live it by moving out on inspiration IMMEDIATELY. MOVE in the form of steps. Research those steps. Find the best answers you can get your hands on from those who have succeeded in what you're trying to accomplish. Study and apply them at the same time and you'll find that you'll have less of a challenge in overcoming your fears.

Always be found IN JOY in YOURSELF

Tony Stewart
"Stop, Think and Be without doubt"

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