Saturday, June 6, 2009

When Self Help doesn't help...

Have you ever read a Self Help Book that didn't help? Have you ever read a Wealth or Get Rich book and you didn't make a dime from it? Is it that all these books are just bogus information written by persons only trying to help themselves get rich off of you? I've read so many that I decided to write one myself. But, I wanted to first know how it is that I or anyone could have read these wonderful books but not see the benefit we thought we would see. I wanted to write a book that would get at the root of the problem. So I read even more books, but this time my focus would be strictly on the mind.

From my studies it has become clear to me that NO SELF IMPROVEMENT SYSTEM WILL HAVE A LASTING EFFECT until you truly understand HOW the MIND WORKS and are able to put in play a process that will enable you to control your own thinking.

There is alot of negative information that gets embedded in your mind on a daily basis. This negative information originates from Television, Radio, conversations we have with others and our own experiences. This negative information gets saved to an internal Hard Drive (Sub-Conscious) that our Mind uses to deal with daily situations. When you have a problem, your Mind references all that you have internalized to put together a solution. If the majority of what you have internalized is bad then you will respond to the problem badly. For example: If you lost your job and are trying to decide what to do next, a thought may emerge to go apply for another. Simple! But then a counter thought emerges as well, "No one is hiring right now, you can't find a job." Where did that thought come from and why would it show up when you needed positive reinforcement?

That thought, more often than not, came from a news report on TV that stated statisics showing that companies are not hiring. It came from a close friend telling you about how many people were laid of at their job. It came from hearing over and over again that minorities get hired last. It came from seeing family members lose jobs, then homes and cars and it affecting you personally.

So you have two opposing thoughts being presented to you. Each has its own evidence that it's presenting to support its case. But one is calling on memories and emotional experiences while the other just may be using current information. Usually the emotionally recorded experience will trump the current worded information.

If we don't have an understanding of our own mental process, like the one described above, and a way to counter negativety that can arise from those processes, then no Self Help book or class will ever be sufficient. Sure you may have some lasting effects from a book, class or a lecture but true change will come only when you are able to knock down and/or counter thoughts that lead to behaviors which ultimately undermine your success.

Always be found in Joy in Yourself

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